Lynch Medical Supplies (LMS) Ltd,
Unit 4A Feltrim Business Park,
Co Dublin.
Phone: +353 1 8084550
Fax: +353 1 8084551


LMS are proud to be a NEW distributor of what we consider to be one of the leading names in Beauty accessories, Manicare.

                We are taking on the full range of Manicare, which for the first time in Ireland means we are supplying “Star*”, Manicare’s value range and “Lady Jayne”, the inventors of the Kirbigrips® and a brand that has been around since 1928. Along with these we have the full Manicare collection, from Make-up Brushes through to Tweezers and body Spa products.  This gives you the customer the opportunity to stock the full category from Good, (Star*) Better (Manicare) and Best (Tweezerman), covering all price points and all possible customers and this coming from a single supplier, LMS.


Manicare Product Catalogue Download