Pharmacy and Retail Distribution

At Lynch Medical Supplies we pride ourselves on our level of service to our customers, offering them some of the world’s leading brands at competitive prices. As a company we are always interested in new and innovative products suitable for the pharmacy sector.

Our portfolio of product covers beauty, first aid, diagnostics and hygiene along with other smaller niche area. Whatever you need for your pharmacy or want to sell into a pharmacy we have the team to support it.

For more information on the products and brands we work with, click on the links below or contact your local LMS account manager.

blood pressure monitors

Microlife is a world market leader in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipment – for use at home and in health facilities.

Empowering people

Microlife is the world’s leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, asthma measuring devices.Our products and services are designed to enable people to monitor and improve their own health. Microlife was the first company to introduce the mercury-free digital thermometer. We have continued on this path: our products are free from environmentally harmful substances.

In the future, we want to continue working together to do what we do best: Producing strong solutions for people for life.”

Attach cuff, start, measure – done!  The Microlife entry level model BP B2 Basic provides all important features that you need for measuring blood pressure reliably and accurately: 30 data memory for long-term monitoring of your blood pressure levels, IHB* technology for irregular heartbeat detection which might affect your blood pressure values and the new feature “cuff fit check” ensures that the cuff is correctly placed on your upper arm.

*In case of IHB it is recommended to repeat the measurement. If IHB comes up frequently it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Detection of irregular heartbeat:

Irregular heartbeat (IHB) detection for early alerts to possible heart irregularities


Optimal speed and pressure control for comfortable measurements

Washable soft cuff

High-quality cuff for most common arm sizes (M-L / 22-42 cm)

30 data memory

And average display of all stored measurements

Cuff fit check

Shows before each measurement, if the cuff has correctly been attached on your upper arm

The original Microlife Thermometer and still our largest selling digital unit. The thermometer is reliable and easy to use.

60 Second measurement: Accurate measurement result in 60 seconds.

100% Waterproof:  Disinfectionable.

1 Data memory: See the last measurement result.

Footcare by maseur® cares for your feet with cushioning and support for busy active feet. We have products for every shoe and foot need, with fashion gel inserts, premium specialist contoured insoles, comfortable foam latex insoles and a range of shoe care products and accessories.


High impact absorbing gel cushions designed to provide all day (and night!) comfort for your heels. Peel off backing film and place adhesive side down in your shoes, above the heel approximately 5mm from the top of the back of the shoe.

With health at the centre of our credo, we at Medinox care about people, enriching our customers’ journey with our innovative and affordable products, and pride ourselves on professional service. We believe that our passion for health is the core value that drives our team to ensure quality in every product we produce.
Medinox manufactures and distributes a wide range of OTC health, wellness, beauty and consumer products to wholesalers, retailers and pharmacies around the world.

Research, production and distribution of a complete line of medical devices for the wound care industry.

Eurofarm Spa operates from Belpasso, Catania. Thanks to a highly skilled team, modern technology and latest technical resources at its disposal the company guarantees constant control over the entire production process.

The company is constantly engaged in the research of new products and the development of ever more efficient production processes.

Eurofarm represents the excellence of Made in Italy.

You can rest assured that everything we supply is of the highest quality, is tried and tested, comes complete with robust guarantees, and has been designed to meet the toughest EU and global standards. Steroplast is recognised as the brand leader, established over twenty-five years. It’s a brand that the end-users know they can put their trust in.

With over 25 years expertise in the creation and development of beauty and personal care products, we offer both our own portfolio of global brands as well as act as a trusted private label partner for leading international retailers. We are one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of personal care products and our brands and products can be found in nearly 80 markets around the globe..