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Disposable Hospital Products

Vernacare has revolutionised the experience of patients and healthcare professionals for more than 50 years. Transforming the standards within healthcare environments across the globe through innovation and manufacturing excellence. Vernacare and its international network of partners, provides market-leading hygiene & surgical solutions that prevent infection and create a safer future.

Doing things better

Today, the Vernacare system has expanded, with a wider product range, which now includes surgical solutions, we continue to support facilities internationally. All of our products are based on the same principle: to reduce risk and enhance dignity.

At Vernacare, we are innovators. Where we lead, others follow. We are continuously working towards making our systems better for the environment and even more efficient than it was 50 years ago, and our global network is bigger than ever. Everything we do is driven by our vision to support better healthcare, assist the fight against infection and continue innovating far into the future.

You can however rely on other things to remain the same. Because what we do isn’t just about waste disposal and hygiene. It’s about helping patients lead longer, more dignified lives through products that help to make processes simpler.

The industry-leading Vortex hospital macerator is now available with contactless technology. Designed for the quick and safe disposal of single-use containers such as bedpans, urinals and bowls. With completely hands-free opening and closing.

Why use Vortex+?

Hand-free technology
Reduces the risk of cross infection.
Independent testing against aerosols
Prevents aerosolisation of potentially harmful pathogens with an
inflatable lid seal.
Minimal power & water consumption
Processes up to four pulp items per 2-minute cycle, using only 24
litres of cold water.
User friendly display
Shows status of the cycle and technical diagnostics messaging,
helping to reduce downtime.
Integrated deodoriser
Fully built-in disinfection system for improved infection
prevention & reduction in residual odours.

The Vortex+ uses the trade marked Smartflow Thechnology.

Our unique ‘closed-drum’ system ensures that all waste placed into our machines is
fully broken down prior to releasing to drain.

To get the best outcomes always use our Disposable Medical Pulp Containers.

The world’s largest range of market leading disposable medical pulp containers, designed to replace re-usable plastic or stainless-steel alt…

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As an established brand within healthcare and scientific
professional services for over 35 years, Azo™ encompasses a full product portfolio which can be tailored for general purpose to specialist cleaning and disinfecting; including medical areas.
The Azo™ range is extensively used in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, laboratories, dental and GP surgeries to help reduce contamination and the risk of infection.

70% Isopropanol alcohol wipes and spray for convenient, effective and rapid disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment. Alcohol is a well established disinfectant against pathogens which cause contamination and infection. Azo™ 70% IPA combined with an effective non-woven substrate creates a powerful disinfectant with fast kill rates, offering high bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal efficacy.

Azo™ Universal Wipes for two-in-one surface cleaning and disinfection of non-invasive medical devices, effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts.
Azo™ Universal combines proven effective biocides with a powerful detergent to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces, reducing the presence of harmful pathogens.

Clinisan™ Cleansing Foam

Clinisan™ Skin Cleansing Foam, a convenient gentle and effective cleansing system for continence care. Ideal for use with bariatric patients or patients with urinary and/or faecal incontinence.

Infection prevention:

The can includes a patient label to write the patient name and ward details on to help reduce the risk of cross infection. Using Clinisan™ Foam can reduce the risk of carrying infected soap and water around the wards.

Clinically proven:

In clinical trials, Clinisan™ was able to maintain the integrity of healthy skin in 66% of patients. A cost-effective method for reducing the incidence of incontinence induced skin breakdown.

Kind to skin:

Convenient pre-packaged solution saves time and removes the need for soap and water. The quick-drying formulation reduces friction caused by drying, whilst the emollients provide a protective barrier supporting skin recovery.